Purchase Process

Firstly we would like to thank you for choosing Modern K9 Breeders. We ensure to make the process of purchasing your new furbaby an informative and exciting one. We are here to help you with any questions or concerns every step of the way!

If there is a puppy that you are interested in placing on hold please call Jodie 0412 266 243 to place your deposit.

For those awaiting puppy owners who have added your details to my waiting list I will be emailing you as per waiting list order to secure your puppy. You will have 24 hours to place the puppy on hold along with a deposit. 

Please carefully read and agree to the below terms and conditions.


1.  Once I have spoken to a team member of Modern K9 Breeders, I agree to place a $500 deposit to hold                 the available puppy of my choice.  This puppy will only be allocated to me once the deposit has been                   received.  

     If the deposit has not been received and someone else enquiries or on the waiting list they will then be                 prioritized.  

2.  If you meet the puppy at 6-8 weeks and feel that he/she is not suited to you a full refund with be provided.


3.  I agree to the procedure of purchase as listed below:             

      Puppies are selected via photos on the Modern K9 Breeders website at the age of 6 weeks  


      The puppy is ready for viewing at the age of 8 weeks (no earlier)

      A puppy welcome bag will be provided to me at the time of collection with a comprehensive information              folder along with a welcome pack which includes blanket, bowl, brush, toys, collar, harness, lead and much          more


      I agree to collect the puppy at the age of 8 weeks ( We do not hold puppies beyond 8 weeks of age )


      The Modern K9 Breeders account details for your $500 deposit will be sent to you once you have selected            your puppy.


      After we receive confirmation of your deposit, we will arrange a collection time and send you an information        sheet ‘Preparing for your new Puppy’.